Completed in 1997, Hartwall Arena was the first privately owned Arena in Europe. Mika Sulin was hired to set up the operation for Hjallis Harkimo, who had a vision of an American style Arena to serve as a home for the ice hockey team Helsingin Jokerit.

As the Mika Sulin’s first turnkey project the Hartwall Arena was the benchmark of the modern arena at the time, and served as inspiration for many of the European Arenas built in the 2000’s. Completing a full turnkey project, supervising the construction, preparing for the opening and managing it during the first years also laid the foundation of the ecosystem partner network needed to design, finance, build, own and operate an experience venue.

Getting ready for the opening just in time for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in 1997, was a six-month project on its own.

Further Information can be found in Wikipedia (In Finnish)